shady springs wv mountain lion

But it wasnt too long that others saw it and even some saw a brownish colored MT Lion. He, his friends, and family hunt at every opportunity. If you rode a … I remember seeing a black animal thought was a black german shephard that may have gotten loose. I can assure you that what I saw was in facta mountain lion. I know a mountain lion when I'm within 125 feet of one. On another note... Carlene and Sandy and all the others who have e-mailed me, I sent more pictures in to this site hope they are posted soon and hope you enjoy them! Webmaster's Note!Hi Debbie Bond, I could have accidentally delete those pictures you send us when I accidentally deleted an entire page of emails and photos from my laptop. Gormania, West Virginia, is in the Allegheny Mountains range comprising the western part of the Appalachian Mountains and near the borders of Virginia, Maryland and PennsylvaniaGormania WV. Shady Spring is a census-designated place (CDP) in Raleigh County, West Virginia, United States. He says that he knows a bobcat from a mountain lion, and this was no bobcat. I found your sight when I Googled Mountain Lion sightings in WV. Lion. It was foggy, and his whole family was asleep. I live in Putnam County, and one of my students who lives on "Redhouse Hill" which is rural and beautifully mountainous, with many ridge top roads populated by picturesque farms, told me he had seen a mountain lion. Apply to Tanning Consultant, Stocking Associate, Registration Clerk and more! I kept having visions of my son in danger and it involved a mountain lion and no matter what I did I could not get the fear to go away. Webmaster's Note! Near the Silica Mine on Rt 522 a large mountain lion was literally leaping across the road in front of our car. It is clear there are thousands of residents who often mistake the tracks of coyotes and large dogs as Mountain Lions but the track you posted looks to me like a canine print.. A track in soft dirt spread out more and may look bigger from one in regular dirt. Leadmine is known for the largest trees ever cut in West Virginia, White Oak. But I know what I saw! Webmaster's Note! Please read this and click on the link to look at pictures, one of the pictures is a picture of a ladies hand and the paw print. Later we heard a report of a deer kill close to Cabella's. Thanks for maintaining this website. The dead horse which appears to show deep slash wounds to the head and a powerful bite to the neck. From: Katrina Posey Date: Sun, January 27, 2008 3:22 pm. My fishing buddy saw it and we agreed that it was a young mountain lion. I am guessing (the size of my German shepherd dog). Shady Spring FFA Chapter, Shady Spring, WV. One about twenty years ago near Friendsville in Garrett Co. MD. Video. I use the term "wooded area" because it would be hard to characterize the area as woods or forest - more like a strip of trees about one hundred yards wide that separates our house from the neighbors who live on the hill above us. I was hunting in Morgan County, about 6 miles from Paw Paw, close to Detour Road. This was definitely a mountain lion. Shady Spring, WV 25918 ph: 304-222-3333 dreamabo utcattery Along the way we have seen black bears, deer, and hawks. Explore the best trails in Shady Spring, West Virginia on TrailLink. that there is mountain lion near.. DNR gets dozens of mountain lion reports and my guess is that DNR cannot check ever visual sighting. Until 1993, I was working for a Coal Company in Sharples WV, while riding with a fellow worker in a company pickup truck we were looking for deer and we spotted a set of eyes in the headlights about twenty five to thirty yards away, for at least a full minute neither one of us said a word, I think we were both in shock. When I walked out side to find him my cat came running at me, and he never runs, he is a pretty big cat and doesn't run much at all. PO Box 1896 | Sacramento, California | 95812 916-442-2666 | Among the first fabrications appended to the photos was the claim that the accident had occurred in a different part of Arizona — between Prescott and Ash Fork, to be exact, roughly 60 miles or so from the true location. On 8 Nov 2006 my wife and I were riding ATVs on theHatfield McCoy trail system just outside of Pineville WV. It was about 7:30 a.m. November 21, 2006 when I saw it walking through the field of our neighbor. Mountain Ln , Shady spring, WV 25918 is currently not for sale. Lion anonymously because I think many people, especially where I live, would think that I am crazy. and I have been coming to that area for over 30 years. I have heard about Cat sightings all my life growing up around Racine in Boone Co. Eastern Puma Research Network in Grant County of WILD, Wonderful West Virgina, Submitting this "report" of a possible Mt. They had recently added a right-of-way along the ridge to access wells they drilled the past several months. Shady Spring White Pages. Submitted by: PATRICIA WOLFORD My wife and I bought a house in the Whitehall area of Marion County in the summer of 2002. He said he starred straight at a beige colored mountain lion eyes, the animal complete with a huge bushy tail. So I lowered the bow back down jumped to the ground and startedtowards my son, but when I spotted him from a distance I realiized that he was ok (at least I thought!) The 1,456 sq. Thank you, I doubt anyone would want to believe this, but after reading all the comments on "mountain lions" I have to share what happened to me and Larry. In fact, most people never see this animal in the wild.... Kinnison Mountain seems like it would be good mountain lion habitat. One night after going to bed we were awoken by what sounded like screams off in the woods. I play in a bluegrass group, the Kidd Brothers Bluegrass Group ( 25918, WV × … Submitted by: Ronnie S While going down the trail it was not there, we spotted on the return, maybe 3 hours afterwards. Leadmine, WV. Webmaster's Note! Upon my return to Pa. And the other near our home in Leadmine, Tucker Co. Most are essentially reddish and light brown to tawny in color. Handle an encounter with a mountain lion: Mountain Lion sighting in Leon, Mason County? this would have happened in the Churchville area of Lewis County, WV. We plan on retaking pictures April 9, 2008 with a coin and measuring tape to give you something to compare the size with.

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