Motion Backgrounds

Awe-Inspiring Motion Backgrounds for Awesome Video Creation

Since humans are visually oriented, the best way to grab people’s attention is with images. In the form of videos, this approach offers the greatest chances for success when promoting a product, searching for leads, or just providing information. A powerful addition to any such video is a dynamic background that captures the audience’s awareness. Looped scenes featuring mesmerizing abstract animations help to draw the observer in without overwhelming the foreground components. While putting together the final presentation offers some challenges, the alternative methods for obtaining motion backgrounds requires some consideration.

Finding the Right Backdrop
The two primary means of getting a scene-setting animation that can be looped for the final video are either create your own or procure one from an outside source. Both methods have their advantages and drawbacks.

Your Own Creation
In order to produce your own motion graphics, you’ll need software capable of doing the job. If you’re thinking of using software that can handle all aspects of the job, Adobe After Effects is often touted, but it could be more than what’s necessary. It’s also very expensive. Even renting access to it online starts at $20 a month. Surprisingly, there are free alternatives that can generate desirable backdrops. With some of these alternatives, the resulting video clip can either be too small or available in a format that’s not accepted by many other packages. Programs like Blender and Structure Synth are powerful software without these limitations, but they have another problem. As with commercial special effects software, they have a very steep learning curve. You’re not going to spend a couple hours reading the manual and gaining mastery over them. Remember, time is money. Along with learning to use this software, the extra work involved constitutes an additional expense. Purchasing a ready-made background clip might prove to be more cost-efficient.


Off the Shelf
Rather than start from scratch, it could make better sense to locate a motion video clip someone else has put together. There’s plenty available from various online sources. Free ones from sites like might look good, but all too often, they’re low-resolution animations designed to attract customers to their creator’s other high-resolution creations. They’ll appear blurry when added to a sales presentation. Paying fees for copyrighted animations can add up quickly. Figuring all the costs involved when your final video is distributed can also complicate things. Usually, the smartest solution is to purchase royalty-free video clips. With this approach, the only things to be concerned about are the initial price, the quality, and the usability of the videos. Videomotionography’s Galactic Dimensions tackles these three hurdles by bundling a huge number of high-definition clips in a single inexpensive package. In fact, it’s less than a month’s rental of After Effects online. Using the MP4 format, they’re compatible with all the popular video production programs.

The Perfect Pitch
Which software to use for the final assembly project depends on how elaborate you want things to be and how much you’re willing to spend. As a professional tool, After Effects offers extensive compositing and special effects. It can also create a final video with very high resolution suitable for movie theater showings. For a lot less money, software like Explaindio or VideoMakerFX offer more modest special effects with just a few video templates. They’re designed specifically for sales videos, though. Just remember, adding the background clip as a repeating series of clips creates the looping effect that gives the final video an added depth and urgency that pulls in customers.