how to spend a billion dollars in a week

You could spend $59 million on this spectacular estate in Long Island’s Hamptons, summer playground of the super rich. You would return, with no money left, in three years. This car was rumored to be the possession of Saudi Prince Alwaleed. This Boeing 757 jet is one that Donald Trump is selling. Total cost: $248,000. He'd then learn how to fly his glamour toy ($300,000). Learn more. Earlier this year, Oprah raised over $600 million auctioning off some of her most prized possessions. If someone then gave you a billion dollars and you spent $1,000 each day, you would be spending for about 2,740 years before you went broke. At this point, I'm just looking for ways to get rid of the remaining $360 million. You could spend $5,000 a day for more than 500 years before you would run out of money.. How big is a billion dollars in $100 bills? It is less than 12 days. He spends about $500 every six weeks for full body wax treatments, costing about $215,000 over 30 years. He wants to earn 1 billion dollars by the time he turns 30. With $100 billion dollars, you could furnish a real version of the classic boardgame: ‘Battleship’. Americans 'do not want to spend billions of dollars on a wall': Bernie Sanders ... and border wall funding on "This Week." 0 | 1. That made me think. He would buy himself a trip to outer space every year for about 25 years ($500 million), and he'd probably buy a heli-skiing mountain (it costs roughly $7,000 a day, or $2.5 million a year). 1) Purchase a home ($125 million) The Maison de L'Amitie is a home in Palm Beach, Florida. Oprah is a billionaire but for her, less is more. It is no years. She is a millennial lifestyle and money expert helping clients take an existing skill and turn it into an online business. There are at least 536 people in America who have at least this many crates worth of money. Spend one billion dollars. Toronto Maple Leafs – $1 Billion. I was listening to the latest GrowthEverywhere podcast (discovered earlier this morning via Growth Hackers) where they interviewed Emerson Spartz, a 27 year old middle school dropout. Babysit in the evening or on weekends with Sittercity. Fifty-year supply of McDonald's Big Mac value meal: $9,836,750. How to make $2.7 billion in a week. Here's how I would spend one billion dollars. Obviously I would have to get a new paint job. Every single cent. She encourages her audience to blend smart money habits with a dash of the royal treatment as she believes nothing should be too lavish. Maybe stop on a private island in Fiji and get Gordon Ramsay to cook for you and 5 friends for a week. It is non-devloped and only a 30 minute speed boat ride to Athens. Most Helpful Opinion(mho) Rate. It is one of the largest yachts in the world and requires a crew of 47 people. The narcissist could only live in a town that he owned. Really big. And almost every year, they’re right. Richard Branson paid $10 million dollars to develop Necker Island. As old age seeps in, the thrill seeker will start settling down, craving more sedate activities, and might buy daily passes to the Dolly Parton-themed amusement park Dollywood for about $18,000 a year, $90,000 for five years. Donates $5 million to save the endangered American burying beetle and the black lace cactus. That was in 1978. How are you spending the money you have now? The conditions: I have to spend it on myself. I disagreed, stating that I could spend one billion dollars easily. on Could You Spend 1 Billion Dollars? Spend a few nights a week driving for Uber to bring in some extra cash. You know what is cool? He has been bankrupt and earned it all back and more. A billion dollars." He'd donate his remaining fortune ($440 million or so) to building a bungee jumping station on the moon. I'm exhausted. An article from Business Insider claims that the car is not his. When he's too old to walk on his own, he'll take his thrills where he can get them, most likely under the dentist's drill, for about $150 an hour. Now I challenge you. Wearing diamonds on the soles of 50 pairs of shoes would cost him about $22,122,500. At 20,000 pounds, a billion dollars worth of hundred dollar bills tips the scales at over twice the weight of an average killer whale. The challenge is this. The $5 Billion Presidential Election. How many times have you gotten a request from a friend on Facebook asking you to send them a life in Candy Crush? That's how vast the difference is between million and billion. The geek buys a Russian wife on the Internet for about $5,000. You would spend it on a bunch of awesome vactions. Here's how the U.S. government plans to spend $2.2 trillion to save the economy from coronavirus. what Emerson Spartz would do with one billion dollars, Maison de L'Amitie is a home in Palm Beach, Florida. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. I am not a billionaire, NOT even a millionaire, the highest amount of money was about $ 50 thousand which I only “owned” for just one hour because I had borrowed from all my entire family in order to pay the money for my apartment. He even argued that no one could easily spend one billion dollars without wasting money. Richard Pryor's character in the movie Brewster's Millions faced a similar challenge. I'll also build private resort residences for friends or anyone that is willing to rent them out. This is a private island off the coast of Greece. It is also an undeveloped island and a part of the US Virgin Islands. I think I could spend one billion. We've already established that no one really needs one billion dollars. Pays $280,800 to have his mother-in-law overnight borscht every week for 60 years. Is it really possible to spend one billion dollars? The Toronto Maple Leafs is the most valuable franchise in the National Hockey League,… The island is only five miles from Cyril E. King International Airport, making it accessible to commercial and private jet air service from around the world. Once I started looking for ways to spend one billion dollars, I realized that I had to dream big. by Connor Dunlap. Finally, the cost to bail out the Catholic Church from pending sexual misconduct charges and all future charges easily eats up his remaining fortune of $143 million. With the cost of 2 small fleets – each with its own aircraft carrier – coming in at about $50 billion, it’s up to you how much you want to spend …

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