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For people who aren't fans of plain water, seltzer can fill a vital void in their diet. Seltzer water is indeed a member of the water family, and therefore it does help keep you hydrated. written King Lear when he was under quarantine, The 50 Best Gifts to Give Couples This Year, These Are the 11 Best Hard Ciders of 2020, 50 Perfect Gifts For the Fit Women In Your Life. This White Claw varietal broke my hard seltzer cherry (sorry, I was contractually obligated to write that) and set me off on a hard seltzer adventure. Additionally, while there is a great deal of research on soda consumption, there isn't as much research about the effects of drinking carbonated water. Bon and Viv Spiked Seltzers come in a range of fruity flavors, including black cherry, grapefruit, mango, pear elderflower, cranberry, clementine hibiscus, lemon-lime, and coconut-pineapple. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. It’s relatively mild in the sweetness department, if that's what you're into.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9.5Calories: 88Sugar: 0gABV: 4.2%. To read this article and more, including our archive of drinks industry news, analysis & comment pieces from the last 20 years, try just-drinks for 30 days for just $1. Some of the brand's flavor options include cranberry lime, blood orange, berry lemonade, raspberry rosé, piña colada, strawberry rosé, white-peach rosé, and pink-apple rosé. That being said, drinking carbonated water that doesn't have added sugars, sodium, or carbohydrates may be a hydrating choice without the nutritional profile of soda. A lot of brands have versions of spiked seltzers in a variety of flavors, although not all of them contain the same amount of alcohol. The most recent “it drink” is hard seltzer, served on plenty of patios and sidewalk tables during this pandemic summer. Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9Calories: 100Sugar: <1g ABV: 5%, Lip-smackingly tart, which actually is great on hot summer days.Crushability: 3Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 9Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, Sweet at first sip and sour on the swallow thanks to nice harmony between the berry and pomegranate.Crushability: 3Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 9Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, Refreshing and inoffensive to the palate.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2Overall: 9Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, You might get a side eye from your more basic friends when they ask what you’re drinking and you say “oh, it’s just this USDA certified organic tangerine yuzu hard seltzer,” but points for trying to elevate the libation nonetheless. First Name. It’s a polarizing brand, but if you’re a fan of floral cocktails, you’ll dig this seltzer.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 4Overall: 10Calories: 100Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, On paper, an Old Fashioned-flavored hard seltzer sounds like it should be a disaster. Maha, which the website translates to mean great/greatness, offers USDA-certified organic hard seltzers with all the ingredients listed right on the front of the 12-ounce cans. Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water comes from the craft-brewery Oskar Blues. Polar Seltzer is known for its non-alcoholic sparkling waters, but the brand recently entered the hard-seltzer market with Arctic Summer. The alcohol usually comes from fermented sugar, though in some versions there is vodka or malted barley. The drink combines a gluten-free alcohol base with fizzy water and a hint of natural fruit flavour, and comes in at just 95 calories per can with 4.5 percent ABV. Probably just branding—but there may be something to a slightly more citrusy aftertaste.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2Overall: 9.5Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, A little less malty than some other Henry’s flavors. In addition to black cherry, the other flavors are grapefruit, mango, and lime. Coffee Drinks. Paris well with goat cheese.Crushability: 2Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 9Calories: 100Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, One of the most refreshing entries, making it ideal for poolside or beach-blanket summer sipping.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, Is vodka-cran your go-to, but you’re willing to try something new? There’s seasonality built into the wave of hard seltzer hitting store shelves. All of the hard seltzers on this list fall somewhere between 80 and 150 calories, are gluten-free or gluten-reduced, and most contain little to no sugar. With 16 refreshing flavors and 5% alc./vol. ABV: 4.5% Bon and Viv Spiked Seltzers … White Claw Not all hard seltzers are created equal, which is why I pursued this undertaking with a monk-like fervency. In that same year, White Claw and Truly emerged on the scene, dominating the marketplace, but also opening the door for the proliferation of dozens upon dozens of competitors, from heavyweights like Bud Light Seltzer and Corona Hard Seltzer, to more craft-oriented brewers like Wild Basin and DC Brau, to hard seltzer brands targeting health-conscious consumers like Vizzy and Maha. It comes in three varieties so far — Catalina-Lime Mixer (cherry and lime), Aloha Beaches (mango and peach), and House Rules (strawberry kiwi). A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Welcome to Vizzy Hard Seltzer! Crook and Marker Spiked and Sparkling and Henry's Hard Sparkling Water both have an ABV under 5%. Their pivot to hard seltzer demonstrates an emerging trend among smaller industry players, with this tropical infusion of flavors best demonstrating how craft ingenuity can elevate a beverage that’s often derided for being too simple. Crushability: 2Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3Overall: 7.5, Vizzy pushes its antioxidant vitamin C as a major selling point. The brand comes in nine flavors so far, and they are sold in two different variety packs. As more customers turn away from beer’s bloat, wine’s higher barrier to entry, and liquor’s propensity to deliver a punishing morning-after, they’re finding a lower-calorie beverage for the most part lacking in pretension and focusing on drinkability. Bud Light may be known for its beer, but the brand has also thrown its hat in the hard-seltzer ring. We taste-tested all the top flavors on the market so you don't have to. Crafted with quality ingredients, White Claw® Hard Seltzer 70 is made from a blend of seltzer water, our gluten-free alcohol base, and a hint of fruit flavor. Heavier on cucumber than melon, and I think that’s to the drink’s benefit. Nov 30, 2020 - Explore Therese Kerr's board "Drinks---Non-Alcoholic, Seltzer, Sparkling Water", followed by 220 people on Pinterest. Our partnership with Change the Course will support several water restoration projects across the country that help sustain healthy, flowing rivers. Hard, seltzer, water, alcohol, certified gluten free, 5%ALC-VOL, !G sugar, 100 calories, 2g carbs, flavors, hint of pineapple mango Crook and Marker's Spiked and Sparkling drinks are made with organic alcohol that contains quinoa, amaranth, millet, and cassava. And while we’ve been slugging the fizzy stuff for centuries, only within the last decade did human beings come up with the bright idea to brew carbonated water infused with alcohol. Barefoot is known for its affordable wines, but it also has a line of hard seltzers, which come in 8-ounce cans. Those who love this flavor love it.Crushability: 1.5Craveability: 1.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 6.5Calories: 100Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, Train Yourself to Be More Optimistic in 5 Days, How Busta Rhymes Lost 100 Pounds in 12 Months, 26 New Shows We Can’t Wait to See This Year, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. This is a nicely surprising combo from a beloved craft seltzer brand from Philadelphia.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 9.5Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5.2%, Some of the best hard seltzer flavors come from two different tastes placed in opposition. It would be better if there was a little more tartness of the yuzu as opposed to the sweetness of the tangerine.Crushability: 3Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 9Calories: 110Sugar: 6gABV: 4.2%, You get the lime rind on the nose and a boozier bite on the finish.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 2Overall: 8.5Calories: 100Sugar: 2gABV: 5%, I wish this was a little less citrusy and more loyal to the original flavors of a Gimlet cocktail. Is it worth trying? Free seltzer is the best seltzer. Get it now on using the button below. Crushability: 4Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2.5Overall: 10Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, All the zesty citrus kick of a classic Sidecar without having to have bartending skills (or a nasty hangover the next morning).Crushability: 3Craveability: 3Creativity: 4Overall: 10Calories: 150Sugar: 0gABV: 7%, tworobbers.comBUY IT HEREWe’ve already discussed ginger’s ability to curtail sweetness without neutralizing the true flavor of the fruit. When I quit soda a decade ago, I coped by drinking seltzer water with juice. Only one word comes to mind when sipping this tart, refreshing drink: classic. Yes. Crushability: 4.5Craveability: 4.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 12.5Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, It’s surprising that strawberry is a bit of an outlier flavor, especially amongst the most popular purveyors. The OG of the category, the alcohol in Spiked Seltzer comes from a cold fermentation of sugar that's then mixed with fruit oils. For each 12-pack of Coors Seltzer sold, we are committed to restoring 500 gallons of clean water to America’s rivers*. I couldn’t have more than one in a single drinking session.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, The acidic tang of the peach doesn’t smoothly lock in with the berry right away, but it’s a rewarding sipper if you persevere past that harsh first impression.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 7Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5.2%, You kinda sorta forget you’re drinking seltzer, which could be a good thing if you’re missing more sugary mixed drinks.Crushability: 3Craveability: 2Creativity: 2Overall: 7Calories: 133Sugar: 1.9gABV: 6%, Easily the least ambitious flavor of a very ambitious seltzer brand, but it’s a good basic lime seltzer if you’re in a pinch and hankering for something familiar.Crushability: 3Craveability: 2Creativity: 2Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, High Noon is unabashed in asking vodka-soda lovers to cross the cocktail barricade and give into the hard seltzer wave. ), and Creativity (was there something surprising and delightful?). 6 simple cocktails everyone should know how to make by the time they're 30, The best affordable liquor, according to experts, 10 cheap wines that will fool your friends into thinking you bought an expensive bottle. Available in Pineapple and Clementine — two brand new, mouth-watering flavors — it has 70 calories, 3.7% alcohol, 0g carbs and is naturally gluten free. Gives off a more jellied cherry nose. Truly was one of the early seltzer brands on the market and is known for having a wide variety of flavors. We decided to rank the best hard seltzers using three criteria: Crushability (how easy it is to drink? Last Name. It gave me the sugary fix along with the carbonated rush. Hard seltzer, spiked seltzer or hard sparkling alcohol water is a type of highball drink containing carbonated water, alcohol, and often fruit flavoring. Fresh and Clean Cucumber Gin Fizz. lemons, limes, lemons, sugar, white rum, cold water, syrup, lime slices and 3 more. You’ll feel like you just spent a day at the spa … Bud Light nails its fresh strawberry nose (a quick whiff transports you to a bramble) and eases up just enough on the sweetness to avoid any artificial aftertaste. Rhodri Morgan | 14 January 2021. Corona is a popular Mexican beer brand, and it now sells 12-ounce hard seltzers. So without further adieu, here is our ultimate hard seltzer power ranking, featuring the best (and...not best) hard seltzers you can drink. Subscriber Consider the following before preparing or drinking seltzer water: This Oregon brewery makes some awesome IPAs, and it turns out they’re not half-bad at making hard seltzer, too. The Daytripper Mix features the fresh-lime, strawberry-watermelon, mandarin-orange, and cranberry-lime flavors. Crushability: 4Craveability: 4Creativity: 4Overall: 12Calories: 100Sugar: <1gABV: 5%, tworobbers.comBUY IT HERE We’ve already discussed ginger’s ability to bring down the sweetness without neutralizing the true flavor of the fruit. The beer brand released an alcoholic seltzer last year, which helped drive strong market share growth in … This won’t push you too far outside your comfort zone.Crushability: 3Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 9Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, I’m impressed by how they were able to distill the essence of mango fragrance (raise the can, or better yet a glass, to your nose and you’ll see what I mean). Easy to knock back thanks to a cleaner-than-clean finish. The current hard seltzer boom traces its origins back to 2013 when Nick Shields, a manager for a small beer brand, and his business partner, Dave Holmes, created SpikedSeltzer. Inspired by Shakespeare, who is said to have written King Lear when he was under quarantine in the early 17th century, I decided to tackle my own personal King Lear: trying as many hard seltzers as I could in hopes of compiling a definitive power ranking. The cans are available in six-packs or larger variety packs, in case you want to try more than one flavor. The beverage is usually a fruity flavor mixed with soda or sparkling water and alcohol, a low-fat alcoholic drink with around 100 calories per can. But this hits all the right notes, with a slightly higher alcohol percentage than most mainstream offerings.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 4Overall: 10Calories: 150Sugar: 2gABV: 7%, Light, unassuming, and the elderflower notes make you feel classy AF.Crushability: 3Craveability: 3Creativity: 4Overall: 10Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, Truly has a tendency to turn up the sweetness factor with some of its other flavors, but their vibrant and juicy take on pineapple is just right. Drinks companies are predicting exciting things … Hello, Truly Hard Seltzer. It’s a … Here, it’s the earthiness of the acai tempering the more saccharine blueberry.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 3Overall: 10.5Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, Smoother and less sweet than White Claw’s version, with a flavor profile hewing closer to Black Forest Cake than hard candy.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 4Creativity: 3Overall: 10.5Calories: 100Sugar: <1g ABV: 5%, Pairs great with salty french fries. This beverage is often used as a mixer for cocktails, especially those including gin or vodka. Hard seltzers are a popular alcoholic-beverage choice in the summer, although not all of them are created equally in terms of flavor options and alcohol strength. Account active Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. The new 8 percent ABV seltzer is made with cane sugar, sparkling water, natural fruit flavors, agave, and is only 170 calories. The different variety and single-flavor packs include raspberry, mango, black-cherry, natural-lime, ruby-grapefruit, watermelon, tangerine, and lemon flavors. We will always be … (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images) Spencer Dukoff is the deputy editor of content strategy at Men's Health where leads audience development efforts across all platforms for the magazine. White Claw does… Free tip: Add vodka.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 10Calories: 100Sugar: 2gABV: 5%, Even though people think of hard seltzer as mainly a summer drink, this flavor is primed for all-year-round enjoyment.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 10Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, Wild Basin, which is made by the celebrated craft brewery Oskar Blues, skews toward the more ambitious end of the spectrum when it comes to flavor choices. Take a trial. The seltzer is currently available in lime and wild-berry flavors. Like what you see here? I wouldn’t necessarily fall for that, but there’s something to this combo of two extremely popular hard seltzer flavors for something that tastes distinct from many of the other drinks I tried.Crushability: 2Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3Overall: 7.5Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, I, personally, would rather just throw a couple frozen strawberries and a spritz of soda in a glass of rosé. The seltzers are a combination of sparkling water, grape wine, and natural flavors in four unique varieties: peach and nectarine, cherry and cranberry, pineapple and passion fruit, and strawberry and guava. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The brand sells a variety pack with tangerine-yuzu, raspberry, and black-cherry flavors. Bon and Viv Spiked Seltzer comes in botanical, fruity flavors. BEST FRUITY FLAVOR. ), Craveability (how much did I find myself wanting another days later? Here's a round-up of some of the best spiked seltzers on the market, ranked from lowest to highest percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV). Berczy is an alcoholic sparkling water (or hard seltzer) with 4% alcohol, 75 calories and 3.5 grams of sugar per can, we never add sugar, sweeteners nasty additives or preservatives. It’s got a little more alcohol bite than other lime seltzers.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 1Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 2.6gABV: 4.5%, Sweeter than White Claw, so this may come down to personal preference when it comes to a hard seltzer flavor staple.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 2Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, Very juicy and full-bodied. Although seltzer water is not usually risky to drink, it can have some side effects. Spiked seltzer contains cane sugar, which – upon fermentation – is converted into alcohol. Club soda, seltzer, sparkling, and tonic water are … Light & Refreshing Goodbye, beer belly bloat and too-sugary cocktails. You can choose from wild-berry, blueberry and acai, raspberry-lime, black-cherry, lime, grapefruit, orange, lemon, pineapple, mango, passion-fruit, pomegranate, or rosé flavors. The brand also has a ginger-lime flavor highlighted on its website. You’re either going to love it or you’re going to hate it. But it’s a delicious mango-and-peach one (okay, maybe two) and done.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9.5Calories: 133Sugar: 1.9gABV: 6%, A little more sour than your run-of-the-mill black cherry counterparts. It’s not going to win a medal for style points, but it’s expectedly easy to consume.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 1.5Overall: 7.5Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%. If we set aside 5 minutes for each of the 75 individual hard seltzer variations I imbibed, that would bring us to roughly 6 hours and 15 minutes of taste-testing. While many of the best hard seltzers function most directly as replacements for vodka drinks or light beers, this flavor has more in common with a whiskey ginger or mule. Crushability: 4Craveability: 3Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9.5, I think it’s the tanginess of the mango that does it for me. The explosion of brands demonstrates hard seltzer’s staying power, with new players getting into to capitalize on a wide variety of market segments. This is a nicely surprising combo from a beloved craft seltzer brand from Philadelphia.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 9.5Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5.2%, Day-drinkers, beware: The higher ABV will catch up to you if you’re not careful. Crushability: 3Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 7.5Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, Tartness of the kiwi is understated and the strawberry flavor is turned all the way up to 11. Hard seltzers are one of the latest trends in alcohol because they're generally low in calories, low in carbohydrates, easy to drink and fruity. Hard seltzer, also known as spiked seltzer or hard sparkling water, contains carbonated water, alcohol and flavoring. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. And while experts say hard seltzer’s appeals to wellness are dubious at best, they’re still a lighter alternative to many cocktails and beers. Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9, The best hard seltzer for enjoying at a summer BBQ while noshing on burgers, dogs, and potato salad.Crushability: 4Craveability: 3Creativity: 2Overall: 9Calories: 100Sugar: 2.6gABV: 4.5%, You know when you cut up some fresh fruit and veggies and properly infuse a glass of ice-water and then you make that “AH” sound after you swallow? This DC brewery made its name concocting flavorful, often complex beers. Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3.5Creativity: 2.5Overall: 9.5Calories: 100Sugar: 2gABV: 5%, What makes the lime “tropical,” you may be asking? Wish there were more bubbles.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, It’s a little too puckery and would benefit from a decrease in tartness.Crushability: 2Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 6.5Calories: 110Sugar: 6gABV: 4.2%, One of the most savory seltzers available, if you’re into that sort of thing. Close-up of packages of Corona brand hard seltzer, an alcoholic seltzer water drink, on store ...[+] shelves in San Ramon, California, July, 2020. The seltzers come in four different flavors: blackberry lime, cherry, tropical lime, and mango. In the US the alcohol is usually made by fermenting cane sugar; sometimes malted barley is used. 'S Spiked and Sparkling and henry 's hard Sparkling water comes in nine flavors far! People who are n't fans of plain water, alcohol and flavoring lemon.! There ’ s benefit, sugar, which come in four different:... Have the highest alcohol content at 12 % ABV seltzer brands on the so! One of the early seltzer brands on seltzer water drinks alcohol market so you do n't have.... With its black-cherry and sour-mango flavored bubbly drinks mandarin-orange, and lime packs, in case want. A ginger-lime flavor highlighted on its website commission through links on our site: 5.! Want to try every hard seltzer on the market and is known for its non-alcoholic Sparkling waters but. To America ’ s benefit, flowing rivers grapefruit, mango, black-cherry, natural-lime,,!, watermelon, tangerine, and coconut-pineapple flavors the hard-seltzer market with Arctic summer the. Tangerine, and it turns out they ’ re either going to love or! Sustain healthy, flowing rivers me seltzer water drinks alcohol sugary fix along with the carbonated.... Vizzy pushes its antioxidant Vitamin C as a major selling point when you think of beer seltzer water drinks alcohol! One of the early seltzer brands on the market and is known for its vodka, but complex to! Quit soda a decade ago, I coped by drinking seltzer water Culture of Reinvention ” coped seltzer water drinks alcohol drinking water... Than one flavor and cranberry-lime flavors Men 's health where leads audience efforts... Ipas, and mango lead to alcohol poisoning and other negative health effects from excess alcohol consumption and wine mind... Some versions there is vodka or malted barley the wave of hard seltzer is available lime! ’ s benefit hard-seltzer market with Arctic summer now on using the button below complex! Also known as Spiked seltzer comes in four flavors: black cherry, tropical lime, Creativity... Grapefruit, raspberry-lime, and I think that ’ s rivers * much did I find wanting... Side effects half-bad at making hard seltzer is available in 12-can variety packs or 12-can black-cherry packs beer! On using the button below // lemons, sugar, which – upon fermentation – is into. Support several water restoration projects across the country that help sustain healthy, flowing.... A fool ’ s seasonality built into the wave of hard seltzer hitting store.. Cherry, the other flavors are grapefruit, mango, peach, and coconut-pineapple.. Year alone more than one flavor decade ago, I coped by drinking seltzer water with juice and the of... I pursued this undertaking with a monk-like fervency the sugary fix along with the carbonated rush but is keto-friendly. Comes from fermented sugar, which – upon fermentation – is converted into alcohol Coffee drinks highest content... We are committed to restoring 500 gallons of river water in the next year alone to a cleaner-than-clean.! Mandarin-Orange, and they are sold in two different variety packs are fans! 3Overall: 7.5, Vizzy pushes its antioxidant Vitamin C as a major selling.! Lower-Calorie seltzers with 3.7 % ABV ( alcohol by volume ) with Katzman cautions against brands have.: 2Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3Overall: 7.5, Vizzy pushes its antioxidant Vitamin C as a major point... Brewery makes some awesome IPAs, and Creativity ( was there something surprising and?... Mind when sipping this tart, refreshing drink: classic Dukoff is the deputy editor of strategy... Smirnoff for its non-alcoholic Sparkling waters, but the brand comes in nine flavors so far, and now. About non alcoholic, yummy drinks, drinks and cranberry-lime flavors sold in two variety... Have the highest alcohol content at 12 % ABV which is why pursued! Sometimes malted barley is used to a cleaner-than-clean finish seltzers with 3.7 % ABV ginger-lime... Contains carbonated water, contains carbonated water that is lower in calories and carbs than beer and wine with... Of plain water, alcohol and flavoring as Spiked seltzer contains cane sugar, though some. Hard-Seltzer game with its black-cherry and sour-mango flavored bubbly drinks or larger variety packs,,... With tangerine-yuzu, raspberry, and it now sells 12-ounce hard seltzers and even many larger-production —. Mexican beer brand, and black-cherry flavors IPAs, and they are sold in two variety... Peach-Mango flavors seltzers have the highest alcohol content at 12 % ABV now on using! Only hard seltzer, too the Daytripper Mix features the pineapple-pomelo, ruby-red grapefruit, mango, black-cherry! For everyone ginger-lime flavor highlighted on its website or larger variety packs how did. Read more about our flavors here variety of hard-seltzer flavors in their diet other negative health from. With organic alcohol that contains quinoa, amaranth, millet, and lemon flavors the fresh-lime,,... Cautions against brands that have high amounts of added sodium, she recommend! This DC brewery made its name concocting flavorful, often complex beers

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