You are probably familiar with the concept of animated motion backgrounds. They are commonly found on music videos which have helped to boost the popularity of videos and the artists who use them. They are also commonly used within television and other forms of media. However, typically motion backgrounds are created by specialist companies. For example, Rycster are the company that created the effects for Game of Thrones. These companies can create amazing motion backgrounds which add a touch of magic and life to the production.

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Custom animated motion backgrounds can make your videos look professional and exciting. They can help your video stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Below are several examples of motion backgrounds (or motion graphics) in action.

Animated Motion Backgrounds can help

Your videos need to catch the eye of the viewers. They need to be interesting and exciting. Motion backgrounds are an effective way to achieve this. Your video can look professional and modern with the animated motion backgrounds. These backgrounds really help to make your videos stand out from your competitors.

Video Backgrounds let you have a lot of fun

Custom animated motion backgrounds or motion graphics are an excellent way to have some fun with your videos. They help you to create more interest in your videos and help people to engage with your video content. As well as this, animation allows you to tell more interesting stories than pictures can.

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Motion backgrounds can really bring life to your video

Motion backgrounds are a brilliant way of adding some action and excitement to your video. These effects allow you to tell more interesting stories. Animation allows you to show interaction between people in your video content.

Motion backgrounds can make your videos look much more professional

Your video will look more professional with the animated motion backgrounds. These backgrounds are used on a wide range of media. For instance, music videos that use motion backgrounds help to make them much more interesting and cutting edge.

Motion backgrounds can really make a video much more compelling

People remember interesting videos. If a video has motion backgrounds it will add even more to the overall impact of the video. Motion backgrounds can really help to make your video stand out.

There are a lot of ways to use Motion Graphics

You could use these for stop motion animation. You can create whole new worlds and vistas using free animated motion backgrounds.

With an animated motion background you can put your product, character or talking head in a place where your viewer is taken completely away. For example, an anime motion background can be used to framer motion animate background color.

If you were doing some cartoon characters you could use stop motion animation backgrounds to enter a whole new dimension.

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